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UiPath RPA Portfolio

Welcome to my RPA Portfolio. Use the menu on the left side to navigate through my projects. These are some projects I have developed during my free time
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UiPath Marketplace Profile Created and uploaded multiple templates/frameworks/snippets/reusable components. 10k+ total downloads Profile Link
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Skills and Hyperautomation Stack

UiPath Automation Projects List

Some of my personal RPA projects and experience

Generative AI

  • Chatbot integration with "talking avatar"
  • Chatbot that can answer questions on uploaded documents
  • Extract the data you want from documents, and generate insights and analysis
Project Description Technologies Video
Chatbot that combine OpenAI and text-to-video tech By combining OpenAI's language processing capabilities with D-ID's text-to-video technology, this tool lets you upload a photo and turn it into a "Speaking portrait", allowing you to interact with it! NodeJS, OpenAI, D-ID Watch Video Here
Upload documents and ask questions about these documents Web application where you can upload any document (of ANY size/page count), and ask questions about these documents. The questions and answers will be stored on the web app NodeJS, OpenAI, Langchain, SQL Watch Video Here
Generative AI Tool for Insurance 1. Automatically extract key information from uploaded theft forms, and generate verdict (approve/decline) as well as give a reason for the verdict. 2. Allow claims officers to ask questions about the claim and about the policy via chatbot. 3. Automatically generate an email reply to the claimant with the results of the claims analysis NodeJS, OpenAI, Langchain Watch Video Here

Recruitment / HR Automation

Project Description Technologies Video
Job Scraping from 5 job portals into Google Sheets This process involves an agent setting specific parameters such as candidate name, job position, maximum number of records to gather, and chosen job portals. Once configured, a robot autonomously collects data from these job portals and organizes it into respective candidate dashboards for convenient access and review. UiPath, OpenAI, VBA, Python, Google Sheets Watch Video Here
Extract fields from candidate CV and generate fixed-format company CV For each CV in input folder, extract key fields into Google Sheets, after the sheet is verified and marked "Confirmed", the robot will generated a fixed-format word CV based on the details in the Google Sheet UiPath, OpenAI, VBA, Google Sheets Watch Video Here
Job Candidate scraping and messaging Scrape job candidate details from Xing.com based on input file, and based on certain conditions, send message to these candidates UiPath, Python, JavaScript Watch Video Here
Job listing scraping Scrape job listings details from Xing.com based on input file, and the scrape company email/phone number from Google search results UiPath, Python, JavaScript Watch Video Here

Travel Agency Automation

Project Description Technologies Video
Flights dashboard generation Scrape all flights based on criteria and number of days and write to excel dashboard powered by VBA UiPath, Python, JavaScript Watch Video Here
Flight and hotel scraping for Customer Scrape flights/hotels data for customer based on input file, write results to Google Sheets UiPath, Python, JavaScript Watch Video Here
Flight ticket listing scraping Scrape flight listing details based on input file from MakeMyTrip.com UiPath, Python, JavaScript Watch Video Here

Digital Marketing Automation

Project Description Technologies Video
VIdeo Demo Pending... UiPath, OpenAI, Google Sheets

Facebook Marketplace Automation

Project Description Technologies Video
Facebook marketplace automation Fully automate Facebook marketplace listing creation, auto reply, chrome profile creation, login, language/location change and more... UiPath, JavaScript Watch Video Here

SAP Automation

  • Finance pipeline - fee settlement / cost center allocation / purchase order / accounts payable etc.
  • Supply Chain pipeline - Shipment creation , combine shipments
  • Customer Service pipeline - create dashboard to track product performance
Project Description Technologies Video
Cost Center Allocation (SAP Process) Allocation of costs from one cost center to another and verify result UiPath, VBA, VbScript, SAP Watch Video Here
Processing Fee settlement (SAP Process) Download data from sap, consolidate excel and generate voucher, upload voucher and perform batch approval in SAP UiPath, VBA, VbScript, SAP Watch Video Here

Consolidate Stocks And Crypto Summary In Excel

This is another one of my personal projects, but I have included a detailed walkthrough of the process here!

Generate an excel summary for a list of crpytocurrency and stock tickers. The tickers are specified by the user.


# Name Type
Subprocess 1 Add Tickers To List Attended robot
Subprocess 2 Generate summary of tickers Unattended robot


Main tool UiPath
Other technologies used JavaScript, VBA
Systems involved Web browser (Chrome)
Type of RPA Data scraping from multiple websites, Data consolidation

Subprocess 1 - Add Tickers to List

This process lets the user specify a list of Tickers (Stock/Crypto) for the robot. When the user runs this process, an excel table will popup, the user can fill in this table and click "OK".

The robot will then store this table in a JSON file. (If the JSON file already contains tickers, it will append to it)

When subprocess 2 runs, the robot will look at this list to know which stocks / cryptocurrency tickers to look at.

Subprocess 2 - Generate summary of tickers

The robot will go through the list of tickers in the JSON file. For each ticker - if the type = Stock, the robot will extract details from Nasdaq website, if type = Crypto, the robot will extract details from CoinMarketCap website. All the details and charts will be consolidated in an excel file.

Then it will generate an email (on the right) containing a summary of the details; the excel file that the robot also generated is attached in the email. The below video shows the details of the excel file

Generic UiPath Framework

This is the framework (built on top of UiPath's own REFramework) I use throughout almost all my projects. The one shown here is the base framework but for each project I will extend it to fit the client requirements

Generic framework applicable to any process, and can be built on top of your own processes. Easy to configure.


Main tool UiPath
Type of RPA Generic framework
  • Adding a generic framework allows you to separate generic steps and process-specific steps
  • Applicable to all processes, only requires changing config file between different processes
  • Make your process more modular by adding an additional layer (to separate process-specific and non process-specific logic)
    • Generic steps include
    • Reading config file
    • System Health checks
    • Archiving files
    • Process specific steps include
    • Reading input file / queue data
    • Reading DB
    • Running main process flow
  • Can be built on top of your own main frameworks / sequences


(1) Healthcheck

Before the main process starts, the robot will run a "healthcheck" in the "Initialization" stage to ensure that all the required files, folders and credentials exist. The list of files/folders/credentials can be configured inside the program

After the healthcheck is completed, the robot will send a summary email stating whether the healthcheck is successful or not. If its successful, it can continue to the main process, otherwise, it will end

Healthcheck success email
Healthcheck fail email

(2) Summary Email

After the process is finished running, the robot will send a summary email. This email contains a table summary of all the main steps that has been executed by the robot